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Lodging Business Intelligence

Lobin is a 'lodging business intelligence', managing business and investment risks for lodging industry in Korea, online and offline.
Comprehensive Market Data

Provide long-term supply, demand, performance, financial position and asset value data across markets.

Timely and Spot-on Insights

Provide precise analysis of recent market trends, based upon historical patterns, in a timely manner.

Extensive Experts Network

Resolve outstanding issues of individual lodging properties through a multidisciplinary experts network.

Lodging Industry Data Dashboard
Lobin Dashboard provides comprehensive data across lodging markets of Korea.
Lodging Business Workout Platform
Lobin Rebounder solves problems of lodging businesses with diversified experts.
Lodging Data Analytics Course
Do you have any trouble in properly reacting to dynamic market conditions? The market is sending signals through the data. Learn how to effectively capture the signals at our training courses.
Get insightful of lodging risk management.
Positioning Check Service
Isn't your remodeled lodging property performing as much as recently remodeled competitors? Your property is likely to have a different positioning. Please check it out now.