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Membership-based Data Service

Lobin’s B2B data service is provided through a membership-based cloud software (SaaS), Lobin Dashboard.

Lobin Dashboard, a lodging industry data dashboard, is a cloud software, operated on membership basis. Membership accounts are classified into standard, deluxe and premium classes, and the scope of data access, payment method and the number of access points granted vary by class. In principle, standard, deluxe and premium accounts are vested in the user, while enterprise accounts are in the organization. However, it can apply flexibly subject to needs of the member.


Data provided at Lobin Dashboard are classified by compiling scope into market segment data, competitive set data and individual property data. For example, the aggregate or average data for 5-star hotels in Jung-gu, Seoul is a market segment data, the aggregate or average data for Westin Josun, The Plaza, Lotte, Shilla and Grand Hyatt is a competitive set data, and the data for Westin Josun is an individual property data. A user can select up to 5 properties for a competitive set. If the number of properties selected by the user is less than 5, the algorithm automatically selects the remainder to make up a full competitive set.

Datasets provided at Lobin Dashboard are classified by retrievable unit into supply and demand, profit and loss, financial position, and asset values data. For a selected compiling level, the supply and demand data provides the information on supply and demand trends, the profit and loss data provides the information on operating performance, the financial position data provides the information in assets, liabilities and equities, and the asset value data provides the information in income value, book value and replacement cost. Each dataset is composed of a time-series, a snapshot and a trend sections. The time-series section provides a long-term data for major performance indicators, the snapshot section provides detailed performance indicators for a specific year, and the trend section provides monthly updates on major performance indicators for the current year.

Membership Account

The availability of data products and payment methods at Lobin Dashboard varies by membership class. A standard member can access the market segment and the competitive set data using the points purchased as necessary, without subscription fee. A deluxe member can access the market segment and the competitive set data unlimitedly without individual payment, on a subscription basis. Therefore, the standard class works better for low frequency demand for lodging industry data, while the deluxe class works better for high frequency demand. On the other hand, a premium member can access the market segment, the competitive set and the individual property data unlimitedly on a subscription basis.

An enterprise account registered under a separate agreement, is granted up to 4 simultaneous access points under a separate domain for premium account services. An enterprise account can customize data access and interface, and extra access points can be added during the subscription period. There is a one-time set-up fee to open up an exterprise account, and additional charges apply for access points exceeding 4.

Users can obtain insights from the data by using the data visualization and anlytics tools provided at Lobin Dashboard. In addition, Lobin Dashboard supports direct connection to the database through Excel, Power BI and Tableau. Users can connect directly to the Lobin Dashboard databse through them to use variety of data analytics tools provided at each software. However, the applications for Excel, Power BI and Tableau are available only to deluxe members or above, and there will be an activation charge of KRW 50K per activated option, except for enterprise accounts.

Low Frequency Data Use

  • No Subscription Fee
  • 1 access point per account
  • Market, Comp Set Data
  • Purchase Datasets with Points
  • Web Interface Only
  • No Excel, Power BI, Tableau

High Frequency Data Use

  • Subscription KRW 100K/mo.
  • 1 access point per account
  • Market, Comp Set Data
  • Unlimited Datasets, No Charge
  • Web, Excel, Power BI, Tableau
  • Extra Charges for Applications

Individual Property Data

  • Subscription KRW 200K/mo.
  • 1 access point per account
  • Market, Comp Set, Property
  • Unlimited Datasets, No Charge
  • Web, Excel, Power BI, Tableau
  • Extra Charges for Applications

Up to 4 Access Points

  • Subscription KRW 800K/mo.
  • 4 access points per account
  • Market, Comp Set, Property
  • Unlimited Datasets, No Charge
  • Separate Domain and Interface
  • Set-up Fee to Open Account

A user can register as a member at Lobin Dashboard for free, and a standard class will be granted upon registration. A standard member can request an ‘upgrade’ to a paid membership, such as deluxe or premium class, in ‘My Profile’ page at Lobin Dashboard, and the paid membership will be activated upon registering a payment method for subscription fee. The payment methods available to purchase points or pay subscription fee include Lotte Card, Hyundai Card, Samsung Card, KB Card, Shinhan Card, BC Card and NH Card for domestic users, and Visa, Master, Hiper, Napas and Union Pay cards for international users. The default subscription period for deluxe, premium and enterprise membership is for 12 months.

Purchase History

Lobin Dashboard provides financial data processed by the artificial intelligence algorithms, and the algorithms and data are updated periodically as verified with actual data. When the database is updated, the users can select whether to overwrite the existing dataset with the updated data without a charge, or maintain the existing data as is. Please note that the original version of the purchased dataset will not be kept if overwritten. If a user wants to have the dataset separately under both versions, the user will need to create a dataset with the same metrics but under the new database version.

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