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Lobin Rebounder is a ‘O2O-based lodging business workout platform’, addressing issues with experts from various fields.
Enhance productivity by optimizing revenue mix, pricing policy, and distribution channel.
Enhance efficiency by optimizing cost structure, cost elasticity, and working capital.
Enhance stability by optimizing current asset and liability balance, and life cycle cost.
Enhance liquidity by optimizing debt equity ratio, cost of capital, and capital structure.
Who do you need help from?
Lobin Rebounder is based on a partnership program involving experts from various fields, including lodging, real estate, finance, and advisory.
Various experts jointly carry out workout projects at Lobin Rebounder for small lodging businesses that have not secured economies of scale.
Operation and Property Workout
Lobin Rebounder identifies and realizes opportunities to enhance productivity, efficiency, stability, and liquidity with an extensive experts network.